Why What Made Maddy Run is an important book that all runners should read

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Kate Fagan’s book about the struggles of student-athlete Madison Holleran is a must-read running book

How one documentary explores the benefits of running for those struggling with mental health

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A group behind a new running documentary: RxRun are attempting to show how running can have a positive impact on those dealing with mental health issues.

Painting scenes from the trail has become part of my depression recovery plan

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After hours of focus, he has a picture, not dissimilar to the process and accomplishment felt after a big run.

Running with bipolar disorder

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For years, Diane Gagne struggled with bipolar disorder. When she discovered running, it became part of her treatment plan. Today, running is one of the most reliable ways to keep her healthy and happy.

How she did it: Moving on from rough patch to becoming a personal trainer

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Filsan Abdiaman wasn’t always the fit, happy runner and personal trainer that she is today.

Runner experience: “Running is best when it contributes to my mental wellness”

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Amanda Bond came upon running during a time when she was dealing with depression and anxiety. Many others share a similar experience of how they came to love the lifestyle. This fall, she raced at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon but she says her running is the most valuable when it adds to her mental wellbeing.

Researchers watch women for 20 years, find regular exercise shields against dementia

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After following a group for 20 years, researchers have found link between regular exercise and better memory later in life.

I came back to running last spring. Here’s what I’ve learned:

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Sometimes progress appears at unexpected times, in unexpected places and it has nothing to do with clocked times or training journals. Some gains, the more nuanced perhaps, are made when small shifts in thinking start […]

University of Toronto opens new exercise research facility to decrease mental health problems on campus

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A new facility at the University of Toronto aims to push forward research on what we know about the correlation between physical activity and mental well being. The Mental Health and Physical Activity Research […]

Running through ADHD, one breath at a time

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Solo, I ran. The warm, comforting August air was present as I crossed over the South Saskatchewan River, en route to Gabriele Dumont Park to meet with coach Jason and the team. As I […]

Study: Light therapy to treat all forms of depression

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For runners who rely on the sport as means to combat depression, a new discovery on treatment alternative to antidepressants might be of benefit. As we head into the colder and darker months of […]

Interview: Suzy Favor Hamilton, from Olympian to Escort

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Suzy Favor Hamilton was a much-adored American track star in the 1990’s, representing the U.S. in three Olympic Games. Favor Hamilton was known as the “All-American girl,” appearing in cosmetic and hair product ads and […]