Questions runners ask on race day

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No matter what running event you’re participating in, these are the questions you will likely ask, or be asked, come race day

Weird but common start line thoughts

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Inside the mind of a runner on the start line

What to pack for a 50K trail race

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Race days are like parties. Trail runners celebrate their training with decorated flagged trails and aid station buffets. Whether it’s your first day racing on trails, or you were a main character in Born […]

Some races still use gun time as “official” time. Here’s why

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The “gun time v. chip time” debate has mostly been settled, but for marathoners it can be disconcerting to see your gun time listed as your “official time”

Top 10 irrational thoughts pre-race

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Racing is hard and it can cause a runner’s mind to go to strange places on the start line

Running your first race? Tips to make the most of the experience

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Whether your first race or your fiftieth, there are plenty of things you should and shouldn’t do on race day. These are some of them.

Running and racing tips: What to do before, during and after your race

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We runners are a peculiar bunch. We run more miles than we drive. We train in temperatures that feel like plus 40 and minus 40 degrees. And we pay money—sometimes hundreds of dollars—to run […]

Race day recommendations for a successful experience

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The most important and accurate piece of advice for race day success is one we’ve all heard before: “Nothing new on race day.” Now is not the time to try a new piece of […]

How to make the most of being undertrained

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If your race preparation went less than ideal, here are some ways to make the most of being undertrained

What the start line of the Boston Marathon looks like the day before the race

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The Boston Marathon starts in the town of Hopkinton. We went out to the start line to check out the scene before nearly 30,000 runners overwhelm this sleepy community. There we found a quaint […]

What Hopkinton is like before the Boston Marathon

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The finish line along Boylston Street is probably the most photographed place in the world on Boston Marathon weekend. But many runners are missing out on an incredible experience 42.2K away, at the start […]