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Lottery results got you down? These Canadian races will lift you up

If you're heartbroken over lottery results, check out these epic Canadian races for 2019

The anticipation is over. This week marked the UTMB lottery results, which means many trail and ultrarunners can truly begin planning for 2019. If you didn’t get into Western States 100, Hardrock 100, or any of the UTMB races–Canada has you covered.

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Canadian Becky Bates at Hardrock 2017

In trail running, it’s almost impossible to compare one race to another. Every race course includes trails that are unique and challenging in their own way. Even year to year, mother nature likes to add in more variables on the same course. Yet, we’ve discovered some epic Canadian races that might resemble the race you didn’t get into. If you’re heartbroken over lottery results, the following Canadian races are still open and could help ease the pain: 

Fat Dog 70-miler

What: A 70-mile (113K) point to point race in Manning Park, B.C.
When: August 10, 2019
What it compares to: Even though nothing compares to the Western States 100-mile race, Fat Dog 70-mile race in Manning Park has some similarities. Both races are point to point and on significantly runnable terrain. Both courses are also a net elevation loss. Western States has 5,500 metres of ascent with 7,010 metres of descent over 100 miles. The Fat Dog 70-mile course has 4,055 metres of ascent with 4,800 metres of descent. Just don’t expect thousands of cheerleaders at Fat Dog, as the race provides a true remote mountain running experience. (The 120 mile distance option could be a closer comparison to Hardrock 100 or the full UTMB). 


Trans Selkirks 5 day stage race

What: 5 day stage race running 160K (100 miles) based out of Revelstoke, B.C.
When: August 25-29, 2019
What it compares to: Despite Hardrock 100 being a race of its own caliber, there is something similar about the authenticity of Revelstoke, B.C. and Silverton, Colorado. Revelstoke’s small town mountain vibes emulate the streets of Silverton. The Selkirk mountain range is challenging, steep, and stunning just like the San Juans. Like Hardrock, the beauty of the course will inspire you to keep going–even when you’re exhausted after Day Two. Race solo or in a team for either the three or five day option. 


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Finlayson Arm 100K

What: A relentless, but gorgeous 100K trail race that runs more like a 100-miler in Goldstream Provincial Park, B.C.
When: September 6, 2019
What it compares to: CCC of UTMB. With a cut off time of 26 hours, Finlayson Arm 100K runs more like a 100-mile endurance run. The CCC course also runs more like a 100-mile event. Similar to CCC of UTMB, Finlayson is technical and tough–minus the European crowds and baguettes at aid stations. The race starts in the evening, but don’t expect to finish by sunrise. However, you can expect beer at the finish line. If you are brave enough to complete Finlayson Arm 100K, your points will be used to apply for the next UTMB lottery.


Whistler Alpine Meadows (WAM) 175K

What: 175K (109 miles) with 9,500 metres of ascent and equal descent in Whistler, B.C. A beautiful mix of forest and remote alpine trails that runs more like an adventure than a race. A mix of technical and tough terrain with rewarding alpine views.
When: September 20, 2019
What it compares to: Hardrock and UTMB. The 48-hour cutoff of WAM 175K resembles Hardrock, while the distance is closer to UTMB (171K). WAM does not allow pacers, which is similar to UTMB’s pacer policy. Plus, you receive points to apply for the next UTMB lottery.


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Bromont Ultra 160K

What: Known as the toughest 160K (100 mile) trail race east of the Rockies. Two times around an 80K loop in Bromont, Que., running through Mont Brome, Mont des Pins, Mont Gale, and Mont Oak. A mix of single track, steep, and technical terrain. Runners can have pacers after 124K.
When: October 12, 2019
What it compares to: The loop course allowing pacers resembles Hardrock more so than UTMB. If Hardrock 100 had 12K, 25K, 55K, and 80K options for the whole family then the Bromont Ultra would compare well.