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Think you’ll never get into Hardrock 100? Think again

Recent changes in the Hardrock 100 lottery may increase your chances to run the iconic endurance run

For many ultrarunners, awaiting lottery results feels like a blind date–the build-up is nerve-wracking, and you don’t know what you’ll get in the end. The lottery for Western States 100 and Hardrock 100 opened last weekend. Hardrock 100 recently made two changes to their lottery system, that may increase the odds of being selected. 

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Change 1–Pregnancy Entry Deferral

Three-year deferrals will now apply to women who have been selected to run. Deferrals can be submitted between the lottery draw and the Thursday before the race. For example, if a woman is selected to run in 2019 and is pregnant, or becomes pregnant, she will be granted an entry for 2020, 2021, or 2022. Linda Barton-Robbins “was fifth on the wait list for 2015 Hardrock, but I’d just found out I was pregnant with Reed four days before the lottery. I would have loved to defer back then, but wasn’t able to without the pregnancy deferral in place. I’m particularly pleased to see this in place now.”


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Change 2–The Never Lottery

There are three categories in the Hardrock lottery: Never Finished, Everyone else, and Veterans. Previously, if a ‘Never’ runner was selected to run, they could graduate to the ‘Everyone’ category regardless of finishing. Now, if a ‘Never’ runner is selected, they must finish Hardrock in order to keep their lottery status. For a 100-mile event, Hardrock has very few DNFs. This new change may increase the finishing rate even more.  


The anticipation of the Hardrock 100 lottery isn’t just for those who put their name in. Friends and family are also on the edge of their seats. If your best running buddy gets in the lottery, then you may have a chance to drink a shot of tequila at the infamous Kroger’s Kanteen

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 The lottery draw is on December 1st. If you ran a qualifying race in the last two years, you can register for the lottery up until November 15th. And like that blind date feeling, spend the next few days in nervous anticipation.