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WATCH: Kroger’s Canteen–the aid station above 13,000 feet

The In the spirit of the Hardrock 100 lottery opening this weekend, watch Salomon Running's infamous Kroger's Canteen video.

Kroger’s Canteen is not your average aid station. It sits above 13,000 feet (3,962 metres) on a ridge line in the heart of the San Juan mountains. Aid station captain and Hardrock legend Roch Horton provides a magical experience for runners. Ultrarunning sensations Scott Jurek, Diana Finkel, and Jeff Browning have been known to serve tequila and pirogies on the little ledge. Watch Salomon Running TV’s video about the history of the aid station and Hardrock 100. 

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Want to volunteer at Kroger’s? It may be less likely than running Hardrock. When Canadian Running asked Roch how to volunteer, he replied, “You have to run Hardrock.” The Hardrock 100 lottery opened on November 1st and will stay open until November 15th at 11:59pm MST.  The 2019 race is July 19th in Silverton, Colorado.