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Sinister 7: One of Canada’s toughest races

Sinister 7 is an extreme test of physical and mental strength, and it all starts tomorrow

The Sinister 7 is one of Canada’s toughest races. The 100-miler includes huge altitude gain and strenuous conditions. Runners will face everything from extreme mud and terrain, to over 6,000m of elevation gain/loss. The time cap for the race is 30 hours. 

The website claims that, “This race is tough. We hope that is clear and we don’t want to sugar-coat it in any way. This race will beat you up.”

This warning is not designed to discourage participation, but rather to ensure that runners understand what they’re getting themselves into. 

The course is split into seven segments, and offers a team and a solo competition. As of June 29th, there was a minor change to segment three of the course. In order to accommodate vehicle traffic on Pass Powderkeg road, runners will now use a trail that parallels the road instead of the actual road surface.

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The women’s course record his held by Alissa St. Laurent from 2015 in 18:37:19 and the men’s course record holder is David Proctor from 2015 in 18:21:47. Both of these records are from the old course. 

Last year’s team champions, the Original Joes Redline Overloads are back for the 2018 event. This year’s team consists of: A.J. Rankel, Chris Stone, Tom McGrath, Brian Yorke, Marty Robertson, Lewis Kelly, and Simon Stewart. The team has changed their name to just, Original Joes, as the team was, “really sick of that stupid name.”

Last year’s solo winner, Ailsa MacDonald hasn’t returned for this year’s competition. 

The forecasted weather for the race is a beautiful 20 degrees celsius and sunny.