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The Bromont Ultra: a challenge for charity

Ultrarunners celebrate Thanksgiving at the Bromont Ultra in Quebec

Photo by: Martin Bherer. Pictured: Simon Marcil.

On October 6, 2018, endurance runners from Canada and abroad ran for Thanksgiving turkey at the Bromont Ultra. For the fifth year, runners toed the line in Bromont, Quebec for the 160K, 80K, or 55K race. Arguably one of the toughest races east of the Canadian Rockies, the event raises funds for local and international. This year, runners were challenged by the course, intense competition, and mountain weather.

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160K race

The 160K race includes over 7,000 metres of elevation gain. Jean-François Cauchon won overall in 19:46:49 and Caroline Côté won the female race in 26:50:43. Runners complete two 80K loops and it was “perfect conditions for the first loop. Then night fell, and it started pouring rain and the fog moved in. The second loop was a lot slower as it was muddy and harder to see,” Simon Marcil explains of his top-ten finish. With a 50 per cent DNF rate, there’s no doubt the Bromont 160K Ultra is challenging. Ninety-eight runners lined up to start the 160K, and 49 finished.

Full 160K results can be found here.


Cote told us that, like many, she got lost on the course and ended up repeating a stretch, but in spite of that she still won. “The organizers put me back on track and said to continue. So I continued for the 80 last km.”

80K race

The 80K race includes over 3,500 metres of elevation gain. Alister Gardner won overall in 7:55:33. Alexandre Sauvageau was right behind him, finishing in 7:59:00. Rémi Poitras took the third podium spot in 8:06:32. Amy Rusiecki won the female race in 10:15:48.  Genevieve Gagnon and Caroline Drolet ran a tight race, placing second and third in 10:55:26 and 10:59:46.

Full 80K results can be found here.

55K race

The 55K race gains over 2,400 metres in elevation. Anne Champagne not only won the female race, but placed third overall in 6:16:33. Elliot Cardin won overall in 5:22:44. Yohann Delisle placed second in 5:50:22.

Full 55K results can be found here.



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Bromont Ultra finishers can feel good about acquiring Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) points, as well as running for a cause. The Bromont Ultra is organized 100 per cent by volunteers and raises funds for local and international charities. Since 2014, the event has raised almost one million dollars administered by the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Évènements UltraDon.

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that hours after the event, race officials indicated that Côté had not completed the course and decided to remove her result.  Joëlle Hébert, Marie-Line Chamberlain, and Stephanie Paquette are the first, second, and third female 160K runners.  

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