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This is not a trail running race

Alberta's Minotaur is a new adventure experience for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts

Imagine combining trail running, obstacle course racing, and outdoor adventure into 15-20K. The third annual Meet the Minotaur event on August 4 in Crowsnest Pass, Alta. requires endurance, technical skills, navigation, mental stamina, self-reliance, and pure grit. Located in the high alpine against the continental divide, participants are exposed to an experience like no other. The event sounds like a trail, obstacle, and adventure raceā€“but the Minotaur is none of the above.

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Capped at 298 participants, registration opened in November, and closes July 31. The event is an opportunity to discover what you are really made of. The route will be flagged, but those competing will test their navigation and route-finding skills throughout the technical and variable course. Participants will traverse over mountains, ridges, and ascend and descend in the remote wilderness. The course is beautiful as much as it is challenging and life-changing. 


Although the terrain is outstanding, the Minotaur community is inclusive and encouraging. Practising technical mountain skills is essential for those entering the Minotaur. Meet the Minotaur training groups begin in April (check out the Facebook group here for more information), and everyone is welcome. Alberta mountain runner Joanna Ford has participated for the last two years and is keen to return in 2019. She describes the Minotaur as “a fantastic and unique event.”

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Wondering if the Minotaur is something you can handle? Take a look at the 2017 event below, and decide whether this experience is for you:

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