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WATCH: Kilian Jornet skis the steepest rock in Europe

Salomon TV presents "Troll Wall" by Kilian Jornet

Ever wonder what the best mountain runners do in the winter? They ski, and they ski hard. In 2018, Kilian Jornet conquered The Troll Wall–the tallest vertical rock face in Europe. Situated in the Norweigian Alps, he skied the famous Fiva Route, which had never been done before. Produced by the man himself, watch Jornet’s journey of becoming one of the best steep skiers in the world. Watch how he descends this exciting and challenging route in the mountains. 

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In addition to Jornet, the film features Vivian Bruchez, Alex Pittin, Henki Flatlandsmo, Halvor Hagen, and Sebastien Montaz-Rosset. Created by Raymond Aasen and Matti Bernitz. Photos by Kilian Jornet, Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, Raymond Assen, Matti Bernitz, and Guillaume Broust. Edited by Thomas Dahle, Raymond Assen, and Matti Bernitz. Produced by Kilian Jornet, Salomon, and Lymbus.

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