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Running form: Re-learning your ABC’s

If you want to improve your running form, then you have to start at the beginning. Time to re-learn your “A, B, C’s”

Signs of a barefoot runner

How can you tell a barefoot runner at a race without glancing at their feet. These are the top 8 hints on how to identify us from the knees up.

Run kids, Run!

If we want our children to grow up to be healthy adults then we should start teaching the art of running as soon as children start Elementary School.

Olympics, women and barefoot running.

Barefoot runners are able to connect any topic back to barefoot running. This is my attempt to link barefoot running to the Olympics and equality for women. It’s not as difficult as it may seem.

Barefoot running – Going from day to day

The biggest problem for Barefoot runners is ‘What to wear to the office?’. Many shoe manufacturers are making minimal ‘lifestyle’ shoes. This is a list of some of the new ‘lifestyle’ shoes available in Canada.

Barefoot Running: Keeping in step – the importance of cadence and stride length

This weekend I had an revelation. Cadence and stride length shouldn’t be constant but should alter due to your terrain. Why did it take me so long to figure this out?

Barefoot Running – Getting professional help

There is an increasing trend towards teaching running as a skill for non-elite athletes. This is especially popular in the sub-set of barefoot running, but what is it like to actually go to a coaching session.

Barefoot Running: Teaching running at the school-gates

We could look towards the elites, the sports-coaches and the guru’s, but if we want to take barefoot and minimalist running mainstream perhaps we should look to promoting the sport at the Mum’s waiting at the school gates.

Barefoot running: Trailing ahead

Many experienced trail runners use minimalist shoes in their races.

Barefoot Running: A Tale of Two Races

During two different types of races I was able to examine how many minimalist runners took part. Would I see more minimalist runners during a road race or a technical trail race? Despite my own expectations, my conclusions were surprising.

Barefoot Running: Going Independent

When I first visited my local independent running store, I felt uncomfortable as the only minimalist runner in the running club. Nearly two years later, the store has made a commitment to stocking a range of shoes from a manufacturer that only makes minimalist shoes. The growth of independent running stores who are making the change and educating their customers will the be cornerstone of the minimalist running community.

Caballo Blanco: My Inspiration to run with the right attitude

I have struggled to find a way to describe how Caballo Blanco has affected my whole attitude to running. So I did the most honest thing I could think of — I went for a run.