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Success comes at a cost

This year, I’m adding a personal goal. To regain the physical strength that I had before consuming my life seven days a week with Maritime Race Weekend

Confession…I’m a digital hoarder

This is how many emails the Maritime Race Weekend race director has received in the past seven years

Ready to see incredible medals? Reveal time!

I’m excited to reveal the incredible initial sketches – a trio to your Maritime Race Weekend collection

Inspiring a community to become more active

Being there to celebrate with Mat was just the boost that I needed as we ramp up planning for 2018

My volunteer in Barcelona

I might be the captain of the ship, but the pirate crew keep us sailing

You’ve likely never seen a race medal like this before

Caution: this will make you gasp

Vintage is the new black

Maritime Race Weekend is offering bonus vintage T-shirts for marathon finishers in 2018

I got the behind-the-scenes look at how the Toronto Waterfront Marathon works

Curious to know what goes on behind the scenes of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon? Our blogger and notable east coast race director got to work for the event for one day

The case of my stolen port-a-potty

Every race director has their fair share of stories of something going wrong. This year, the director of Maritime Race Weekend had a port-a-potty go missing…

Maritime Race Weekend gives Tidal Trail race separate date… registration already open

This year, the Maritime Race Weekend Tidal Trail 15K was a hit. It’s on again for next year and registration is already open

Dear foodies and music nerds, Maritime Race Weekend just became your new bucket list event

Yes there’s going to be toasted bagels.

Pint-sized helpers

Volunteers. Without them, this ship would never leave the dock