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True Toughness: Steve Jones and the Chicago Marathon

I often watch old race videos on the internet. Sometimes I watch when I’m looking for inspiration, sometimes I watch […]

Blog #113, post-Ottawa rundown

Ottawa, I like that place. Always a fun time to be had in our nation’s capital. I ran another marathon […]

Le Blog Du Rob #114: Race week!

Race week is here kids. Gonna lace em’ up and get at it in our nation’s capital on Sunday. I’m […]

Le Blog du Rob: The Oh, crap blog

Oh crap, I started training for a marathon and completely forgot about my blog. Let’s get back on that blog […]

Mastering the Long Run

The long run is my favourite running workout. In my opinion, it is also the most important workout in any […]

Le Blog du Rob #112: Injuries and an NBA Star

Hey, Canadian Running! Let me start by introducing myself; I’m Rob, I like to run, I live in Vancouver and […]

Le Blog du Rob #106: Joining up with BCEP

Blog #106 Oh man, I have some exciting news. Well, at least I find it to be exciting. You may […]

Le Blog du Rob #104

Post-race blog, let’s get at it! The Race: Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon The Goals: Awesome: Sub-2:12 & First Canadian. Good: […]

Le Blog du Rob #103

“You’ve gone from the crappiest I’ve ever seen you, to the best I’ve seen in a long time.” –Coach Watson […]

Le Blog du Rob #102 – 10 Miler in Lynchburg

I went down to Lynchburg, VA this past weekend and raced in the 40th edition of the Virginia 10 Miler. […]

Le Blog du Rob #101

I ran the Toronto ZooRun this past weekend. These are the thoughts going through my head during the race; 1st […]

Le Blog du Rob #100

Holy crap folks. That last week was rough. Almost lost it – almost broke. Almost said eff it to this […]