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The training benefits of running with a running stroller

I was motivated to write about this topic because my younger sister has just entered the stage of being able […]

Attempting to address my poor neglected core

I know I’m supposed to do core work in order to prevent injury, maintain good running form and to help […]

Running when there’s nowhere to run

As per my last post, I’m now committed to a formal training schedule. This means that I do not take […]

The benefits of a coach – I’m back on board!

At the risk of aging myself, I will reveal that I’ve been a competitive runner for 23 years.  Throughout most […]

Running with kids

There are a few different angles the title to this post could take.  The first one (and one which I’ve […]

Race review – from a different perspective

It is not often that I go to races to cheer.  Simply because often it is a bit of an […]