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SHOE REVIEW: Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

The original Endorphin Speed was a popular shoe, but Saucony's latest updates make the second iteration even better

Photo by: Matt Stetson

After finding tremendous success with its first lineup of the Endorphin series, Saucony is back for another round. The company has released the Endorphin Speed 2, Pro 2 and Shift 2, as well as a new Endorphin Trail shoe, all of which are fast, comfortable and reliable. Canadian Running has already reviewed the Pro 2, and we’re back to take a look at the Endorphin Speed 2, which is more affordable than the Pro 2 but still super fast. Like its predecessor, the Speed 2 is a great shoe for a tempo run, a track workout or a road race, and anyone who tries this model out will definitely be pleased with its performance. 

Photo: Matt Stetson

Category: Neutral

Drop: 8 mm 

Weight: 225 g (men’s Size 9)

Available: Now

MSRP: $199.95

The upper 

The big change to the Speed 2 compared to the original Endorphin Speed is the mesh in the updated upper. The Speed 2 features engineered “mono-mesh” on the upper, which is light and breathable. When it comes to footwear, there are few things worse for a runner than a shoe that doesn’t breathe well, but that isn’t a problem with the Speed 2, which is designed to keep your foot comfortable and cool.

Photo: Matt Stetson

One thing that is worse than a shoe that doesn’t breathe is a shoe that rubs and chafes your foot. Again, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with the Speed 2, as its upper is soft to the touch. Whether you’re out for hard and fast track repeats or a long tempo run, the shoe is super comfortable from start to finish. Another great feature you’ll notice with the Speed 2 is how well it locks your foot in, which also helps to prevent chafing. If your foot isn’t moving inside the shoe, no rubbing will occur, and that’s exactly what the Speed 2’s lacing system, upper and heel accomplish. 

Photo: Matt Stetson

The midsole and outsole

The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2’s midsole features Saucony’s PWRRUN PB cushioning system, which is extremely light while also delivering fantastic energy return. The cushion gives you a bounce in each step without any added weight, and embedded in the midsole is a full-length nylon plate. 

The carbon plate is a big reason the Pro 2 is a bit faster and more expensive than the Speed 2, but this nylon plate still produces great and quick results. Paired with the PWRRUN PB foam, the nylon plate noticeably helps propel you forward with every step, shaving precious seconds off your workout or race times. 

Photo: Matt Stetson

The Speed 2’s outsole is reinforced with rubber in high-abrasion areas in the heel and forefoot, which not only protects your shoe from daily wear and tear, but it also adds to the shoe’s grippiness and a feeling of reliable stability, whether on the road or the track, in wet or dry conditions. There’s no need to worry about slipping, which means you can focus on the task at hand, rather than worrying about whether your shoe is causing you to slip and slide.

Overall thoughts 

Anyone who has used the original Endorphin Speed will like the newest iteration of the shoe. It’s the next best thing to the Pro, and something you can use for all your runs and workouts, and even on race day, without breaking the bank. Of course, if you have the resources and you want that edge on race day, the Pro 2 is the perfect complement, but either way, you’re in good hands with the Saucony Endorphin series.