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Michael Bergeron runs sub-1:22 while juggling at P.E.I. Half-Marathon

The Halifax runner is closing in on Michal Kapral's half-marathon joggling world record

Michael Bergeron

It appears world-renowned joggler Michal Kapral has some competition, right here at home.

Halifax’s Michael Bergeron came within 54 seconds of the world record for a half-marathon while juggling at the Prince Edward Island Half-Marathon on Sunday. The Halifax Road Hammers member ran 1:21:34 to finish second to Summerside, P.E.I.’s Ryan Merrett (1:18:16) in Charlottetown. Four women followed after the first four men crossed the line including Bree Bates, who ran 1:28:09 for the win.

Bergeron says he dropped one of the three objects six times during the half-marathon. (His pre-race goal was to break 1:24.) A drop does not result in a penalty though one must stop and restart from said spot.

Toronto’s Kapral, a former editor of Canadian Running, holds the world record, an official mark Guinness tracks, for the fastest half-marathon, 1:20:40, while juggling three objects. Kapral owns the marathon record too, in 2:50:12, set at the 2007 Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He’s going for the world record in five-ball juggling for the marathon on Oct. 22 at the STWM.


Full results from P.E.I. can be found at Atlantic Chip Sport Timing.