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What do you think of tennis star Roger Federer’s running form?

Switzerland's Roger Federer, one of the best ever tennis players, shows off his running form in a picture he posted to Instagram and Facebook.

Roger Federer

Getting stronger ?? Jumping & running ???

A photo posted by Roger Federer (@rogerfederer) on

Swiss tennis star Roger Federer is one of the most-liked athletes in sports having won several major championships, humanitarian awards, sportsmanship awards and twice leading his country as the flag bearer at the Summer Olympics.

Considering his social media post featuring sprint drills, Federer may also be attracting fondness from the running community.

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Though Federer may not be a distance runner, he has the fitness to cover, on average, approximately three to four kilometres per match in short bursts with breaks between points. Much of the distance covered is side-to-side shuffles requiring athletes to have speed and lateral strength as they move across the baseline.


Federer’s long-time coach, Pierre Paganini, is actually a former track and field athlete and acts as the man behind the tennis great’s fitness program.

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Paganini told The New York Times the following regarding Federer’s training regime:

“You can’t forget we aren’t talking just about speed; we are talking about speed and endurance together. We ask you [tennis players] to be fast repeatedly for a long time. That’s what makes tennis interesting. You don’t run 40 kilometers when a match lasts five hours. You run perhaps six kilometers at most.”

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Sporting a fan-favourite shirt, which features Federer’s signature headband and haircut in emoji-form, the 34-year-old is seen sprinting as a form of conditioning ahead of the spring and summer tennis tournaments.

As seen in his latest commercial, it appears that Federer’s running routine has been paying off. See for yourself: