Every week Lane 6 keeps getting better, and week 5 was no exception. The kids are excited about the track meet, they’re building relationships with their mentors and the sun finally came out. Big wins.

Week 5 was all about technique. With the final track meet only two weeks away, we wanted to teach the kids a bit about the more technical aspects of the track–things like start commands, transition zones and handoffs.

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Photo: Aidas Odonelis

This week we combined the older and younger groups to make three groups of roughly 12 people (half mentors and half kids). Then the groups circled through the three stations, which were: transition zones, handoffs and three-point starts. The kids learned what, “on your mark, set, go” actually looks like in real life, how to properly pass a baton to their relay teammate and what the 10-metre transition zone feels like.

The program has really taken off within the Boys and Girls Club. The kids are showing up consistently and working hard, the mentors have found their groove and everyone is amped for the final meet. The plan is to have kids ages nine and younger run the 200m, kids ages 10 and over run the 400m and have everyone run a 100m. We will also have the option of an open 800m due to surprisingly popular demand. Both kids and mentors will also lace up for a 4x100m relay.

Photo: Aidas Odonelis

Week 5 was also shoe week. Nike generously donated shoes for our Lane 6 participants. The kids were thrilled to receive their fresh new kicks to wear for the final Lane 6 meeting and the track meet on June 6.

Special thanks to our main Lane 6 partner, Nike. Without their support this amazing program would not be possible.