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Defecating runner, dubbed ‘Shit Bandit,’ strikes household

A Little Rock, Ark. resident filed a police report after she says a runner defecated on her driveway

Shit Bandit

Warning: there is foul language quoted in this story.

A Little Rock, Ark. resident says she’s gone to the police after finding feces on her driveway and discarded waste on her SUV.

According to Fox16 News, Tiffany Mattzela and her fiancé reviewed security camera footage which showed “a person who had been jogging down the street, ran up between our two cars, defecated, and ran away.” Originally, the homeowners believed that a “big dog and irresponsible owner” were to blame for the act.

“We understand that accidents happen,” she said describing the first incident brushing it off as an isolated event.

Then, days later, on Jan. 3, Mattzela says she found discarded toilet paper waste on the door handle of her car. “It was vile,” she says. She took to social media where she later discovered that her neighbours experienced similar fecal-related incidents. “The neighbourhood’s calling him the ‘Shit Bandit’,” she says.

The latest case comes after a year when a person dubbed the “Mad Pooper” and a Orchard Park, N.Y. runner made headlines for defecating on private property.

According to Fox16 News, Mattzela filed a criminal mischief report and Little Rock police are investigating.