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Chill out with ASMR-specialist Damian Warner

Sit back, relax and listen to Damian Warner give ASMR a shot in this hilarious yet calming video

If you’ve always wished you could listen to Canadian decathlete Damian Warner whisper into a mic and play with random objects as you fall asleep, that oddly specific dream is about to come true, because CBC Sports just published an ASMR video with the track star. ASMR is short for autonomous sensory meridian response, which is a tingly sensation in your back and head that can be triggered by calming sounds and videos. ASMR videos are incredibly popular online, as people use them to help them relax and fall asleep, and now you can chill out while listening to the soothing sound of an Olympic decathlon medallist’s voice.


Warner starts the video with a simple introduction (“I’m Damian Warner, and you’re listening to ASMR”), and right away you should begin to feel a wave of calm washing over you. Next, he types his name on a keyboard, spelling it out loud while he goes and moving from one mic to another, a movement which you’ll be able to hear in your headphones as you drift out of consciousness.

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The video goes on and on, with scissors, velcro, a pencil sharpener and so much more. Just when you thought you couldn’t become more relaxed, Warner pulls the next item out of his bag of ASMR tricks and you realize how wrong you were as you fall deeper into that zen-like state of calm.

Damian Warner
Damian Warner at the 2017 world championships. Photo: Claus Andersen/Athletics Canada.

The video isn’t even three minutes long, but by the end of it, you’ll be out cold, and we bet you’ll wake up feeling as refreshed as ever.