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Runner wears Kim Jong-un onesie for beer mile

Houston runner honours a bet, and adds his own autocratic twist

Just when you thought you had seen it all…

Thankfully, North Korea’s supreme leader might have been too preoccupied by his southern neighbours’ Olympic opening ceremony to pay much attention to any tomfoolery coming out of Houston, Texas. And, based on this picture, that is probably a good thing.

Spotted at Memorial Park today, showing off his amazing dental plan from houston

This unnamed Houston man held his end of a bet and raced a beer mile when his fantasy football team placed last in his league. An injury to New York Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham was apparently the final nail in his team’s coffin.

Here is where things get cheeky: the loser of the fantasy league was simply required to race a beer mile. But, the runner took it upon himself to run and drink intermittently while wearing the Kim-Jong Un suit – which, oddly enough, was gifted to him by his father.

His time? Slightly over 11 minutes. Pretty far off Canadian Corey Bellemore’s world record of 4:33.6

The runner, under the condition of anonymity, told the Houston Chronicle: “It seemed like people were afraid to make eye contact with me, which was interesting considering I had obviously lost some sort of bet… Who would willingly chug Miller Lite between running laps while their friends heckled from a safe distance?”

The running and choice of beer is the least of our worries.