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Get to know one of Canada’s fastest metric milers

10 questions with the 2015 national 1,500m champion

Thomas Riva

The next runner featured in our ‘Shoutout Tag’ series is 2015 Canadian 1,500m champion and 3:37.34 metric miler, Thomas Riva. A former Canada Summer Games gold medallist and CIS (now U Sports) champion for the University of Victoria Vikes, the one known in running circles “Trivia” or “Triv” currently trains at the Athletics Canada West Hub in Victoria.

Here, we find out which other runners the miler with the devastating kick nominates for various tasks in ‘Shoutout Tag,’ where runners answer questions with a shoutout (or two) to a fellow Canadian and cap off the Q&A with who they would like us to feature next.

Alex Cyr: Who would you trust to be in charge of your wardrobe for a week?

Thomas Riva: Jackson Bocksnick. He ran for Victoria. People might know him for doing really well on the “Speedgoggles” blogs a few years ago. Half the ties I own are because Jackson made us buy them for team CIS (now U Sports) end of year outfits.

AC: If you could get someone to play you in a movie, who would you pick?

TR: I think Justin Kent would give the most accurate portrayal, but if I would want to go full Hollywood style, I’d pick someone like Corey Bellemore. He doesn’t look like me at all, but he has this nice, super smooth running form. Plus, he’s a decently good looking dude.

AC: Who would you trade lives with for a week?

TR: Andre De Grasse – easy choice. I would want to know what it’s like to be a superstar runner. Like, what does he do… go to the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game? That would be a blast. Plus, sprint practice seems more appealing than our [distance] practices.

AC: Who is most likely to make it to Hollywood once their running career is over?

TR: Honestly, I don’t think anyone will make it to Hollywood. Nobody on this running scene. We can all talk about how outgoing and funny people are, but Hollywood is tough. I can’t see it happening.

AC: Who would win in a Canadian running survivor match?

TR: Ryan Cassidy for sure – the guy is the survivor type. I think he just likes to go to the woods to look for any kind of challenge. He would do really well in the early Survivor seasons where it is most intense and real.

AC: Who would you take out on a date? Where would you take them?

TR: My girlfriend is not a runner, so I cannot pick her. In that case, I would have to go with my second choice and take Melissa Bishop out on a date. She is so nice, it would be unreal. Wow,  I guess I am all about that star power between Bishop and De Grasse…

AC: Who would you put in charge of your social media for a week?

TR: Rachel Francois for sure – her social reach would get me followers. She knows everyone.

AC: Who would you select to write the Thomas Riva biography?

TR: Cole Peterson – he’s out here. He is really into English, poetry and is a pun master. He would make something fairly comedic out of it. Plus, I lived with the guy, so he has a pretty good idea of how I live my life.

AC: Who should sing the national anthem at the upcoming U Sports championship?

TR: How about we get the Windsor 4x800m team from a few years ago to go out there and sing, barbershop quartet style? It would be something. I think it was Corey Bellemore, Alex Ullman, Taylor MacArthur and Paul LaMarra.

AC: Who do you nominate to be the start of this next feature?

TR: Sarah MacPherson – she’s run 4:09 and was fourth at nationals; she deserves more hype.