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Windsor, Ont. runner killed crossing railroad tracks

Police believe that the runner was wearing headphones when he crossed the railroad tracks

Windsor Runner

A Windsor, Ont. runner was killed crossing railroad tracks after slipping past the lowered safety arm with flashing signals, police say.

Around 6:30 p.m. local time on Feb. 3, a deceased man was found on scene along with two stopped trains.

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According to the Windsor Police, “investigators believe that an adult male had been jogging southbound on Jefferson Boulevard. When the jogger came to the intersection of South Service Road East he encountered a stopped westbound train. Witnesses reported that the jogger proceeded past the activated train signal lighting and lowered extended railway arm. He climbed through two stopped railroad cars of the westbound train and was then struck and instantly killed by a passing eastbound train.

“It is believed that the jogger was wearing headphones and may not have heard the approaching train.”

The identify of the runner has not been revealed.