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At-home strength workouts with Canadian ultrarunner Jazmine Lowther

All you need for these exercises is a resistance band and a single weight

Jazmine Lowther Photo by: UTMB World Series

Ultrarunning champion Jazmine Lowther of Nelson, B.C., got to where she is in the sport for many reasons, including her willingness to do strength training. We know you didn’t get into running so you could lift weights, but it’s kind of part of the deal. If you want to maximize your potential and minimize your risk of injuries, strength training is a must. Fortunately, Lowther recently posted some of her favourite exercises, all of which require at most a resistance band or a weight, making this the perfect at-home or on-the-road strength routine for runners who hate the gym.

Hip airplanes (30 seconds) 

You don’t need the resistance band or weight to perform hip airplanes—just your body weight. Start by standing on one foot, then bend at the waist until just before the point at which you feel you’ll lose your balance. At the same time that you lean forward, point your raised leg out straight behind you and hold your arms out straight on either side of your torso. Once you’re stable in this position, rotate your torso from one side to the other. This well engage your core and glutes, and it’s a great way to get your strength workout started.  

Walking balance beam (6 to 10 steps each way)

Lowther’s next exercise is another simple one that doesn’t need any band or weight. First walking forward, raise your knee and give it a hug. While hugging, look both ways, then take your next step and repeat with the other leg. After six to 10 steps forward, do the same but while walking backward. 


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