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Canadian Death Race: bears, storms, and results

Results for the relay, marathon, and ultra distance from The Canadian Death Race yesterday

It was a party in Grande Cache, Alta. this weekend for the 20th Canadian Death Race relay, Near Death Marathon, and 125K solo distance. Over 100 relay teams, 200 marathon distance runners, and over 400 soloists toed the line–all blessed with Alberta beef in their race packages. Race conditions were stormy and the wettest in its 20-year history, and runners were not allowed to wear timing chip on their ankles due to the mud. Still, times were fast and competitive for all runners this year.

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Teams of five came together to tackle the 125 distance in the Canadian Rockies. Runners encountered storms, bears, and lots of mud throughout the day.

1. Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith P – 11:41:06
2. Kiss my Fast – the remix – 12:48:59
3. Sick Ward Meets Injury List – 12:51:46
4. Thought We Weâ – 13:12:06
5. Cautionary Trails – 13:19:06
6. Worst Pace Scenario – 13:37:53
7. RC Wetaskiwin Tigers – 14:21:06
8. Peace River United – 14:30:19
9. Highland Magic – 14:42:03
10. Full Pizza – 14:44:29


Near Death Marathon

The Canadian Death Race Near Death Marathon distance is 42.2K with 2,132 metres of elevation gain. With a handful of obstacle course racers in the women’s race, it was undoubtedly fast and competitive. The top two women, Linzee Knowles and Nicole Steele, placed third overall, and finished less than a second apart. Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, Coral Wiebe, and Loren Burke-Gaffney placed third, fourth, and fifth in both the women’s race and overall.

Top 5 Women
1. Linzee Knowles – 5:21:41:7
2. Nicole Steele – 5:21:41:9
3. Julia Totosy de Zepetnek – 5:27:23
4. Coral Wiebe – 5:27:54
5. Loren Burke-gaffney – 5:30:52

Top 5 Men
1. Dan VanSloten – 4:49:08
2. Blair Phelps – 5:21:18
3. Eric Cowger – 5:38:26
4. Sheldon Wagar – 5:38:56
5. Rafal Cieplak – 5:39:16

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20th anniversary solo finisher belt buckle award. Photo: Facebook


The 125K distance includes 5,180 metres of elevation gain. Ultras inevitably involve the unexpected. And the Death Race is no different. For much of the race, Alicia Woodside was 10 minutes behind Elizabeth Halleran, until Woodside and two other male solo runners went off course, costing them 20-30 minutes. Woodside “stayed super positive and didn’t dwell on it for a second.”

Top 5 Women
1. Elizabeth Halleran – 14:47:39
2. Emily Sabo – 15:47:04
3. Wendy Copp – 16:39:57
4. Josefina Kaderabek – 16:56:26
5. Alicia Woodside – 17:03:56

In the men’s race, Scott Cooper was fresh off his first 100-mile race last month at Sinister 7. Cooper managed to snag a podium spot, even in the middle of his recovery. “I think I left a bit too much of myself out on the Sin 7 course,” Cooper explains.

Top 5 Men
1. Alex Petrosky – 12:47:43
2. James Dalke – 13:11:03
3. Scott Cooper – 13:15:37
4. Ryan Patteson – 13:49:30
5. Andy Reed – 13:57:46

Full results can be found here.

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