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Reasons to be thankful for trail teammates

Thanksgiving is the time to thank your trail running friends

Trail running is a team sport. Even though we spend hours running alone in the forest, our trail teammates help us when in need. Here are some reasons to be thankful for your trail team this thanksgiving.

They say yes to crazy adventure ideas

Want to go running in Mongolia? Likely your best trail buddy will want to join.

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They know about your bodily functions

Just like the trees in the forest, your trail teammates don’t judge.


They know all of your dirt

The trails have no filter. You and your trail teammates likely know every intimate detail about each other’s lives.

They share snacks when you didn’t bring enough

You thought the run route would take an hour, but it’s past second lunch and you’re still out in the wilderness. Trailmates have you covered, and packed extra bacon.

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They encourage you to register for a scary race

They remind you that distance is just a number. Then they sign up with you.

They get you off your butt

It’s cold, dark, and Netflix is calling your name. A quick text, and your trail teammate is at your doorstep ready to go just so you don’t miss a run.

They tell you you’re doing too much

The last few runs, you have mentioned a nagging tendon or that you are exhausted. Teammates will remind you how many times you have complained in recent history, and recommend a rest.

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They get lost with you

Despite reading every trip report in the library archives, you still managed to get lost. Your trail teammates are there for you when you go off route. They are right by your side when you learn lessons the hard way. 

They give you essentials when one is missing

You have your whistle, but forgot an emergency blanket. Luckily your teammate has an extra one in the back of their car.

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They wait for you at the top of climbs

Trail running is fun, but tough. The best trail teammates know it’s not a race, and never leave anyone behind.

They remind you that nothing is impossible

Trail teammates set big goals and invite you to join. They are your inspiration, biggest supporters, and closest friends.

This thanksgiving, we are thankful for dirty trails, and for those who get dirty with us.