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Canadian results from the World Mountain Running Championships

Kieran Lumb is the top Canadian while the junior and senior women's teams both place in the top-10 at the World Mountain Running Championships

World Mountain Running Championships Results

Canada placed two teams inside the top-10 at the 2017 World Mountain Running Championships in Premana, Italy.

Led by the junior and senior women’s teams, both in 10th, Canada’s 15-athlete squad competed at the 33rd edition of the championships on Sunday morning. Kieran Lumb was the top individual among Canadians placing 30th in the junior men’s event.

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Senior-level runners completed 13K in the town located just outside of Milan while junior athletes completed 6.5K. The 13K featured 860m of elevation gain while the 6.5K featured exactly half of that as the course was made up of 6.5K loops.


Like long-distance running, East Africans dominated the championships winning all four individual titles. Ugandans won the junior men’s, junior women’s and senior men’s categories while a Kenyan won the senior women’s event. How hard was the course? See for yourself in the below video.

Canadian results (final team rank)

Junior women (10th)

31. Annika Austin – 38:14
45. Katia Lumb – 42:17
54. Lea McCroy – 46:50

Annika Austin ~32

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Junior men (12th)

30. Kieran Lumb – 31:03
49. Aidan Doherty – 34:06
50. Ross Henderson – 34:09
58. Austin Sutherland – 36:45

Team Canada junior men all finish in the top 50. Kieran Lumb ~30, Aidan Doherty ~45, @ross_henderson23 and @sutherland.austin both right behind

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Senior women (10th)

43. Meggan Franks – 1:19:14
45. Adrienne Gomes – 1:20:09
46. Adele Blaise-Sohnius – 1:21:13
55. Chantelle Groenewoud – 1:26:24

@megganfranks finishes in about 42nd

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Senior men (16th)

56. Matt Setlack – 1:05:10
70. Matt Travaglini – 1:08:32
79. Allan Brett – 1:11:07
83. Gareth Hadfield – 1:11:50

@mattsetlack finishes as top Canadian

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Full results can be found here.

Premana will host the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships next weekend.