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WATCH: 2019 Chuckanut 50K

jDalkeFilms presents the 27th 2019 Chuckanut 50K race featuring the top 20 racers

Just over a week ago, over 90 Canadian trail runners headed south of the border for the 27th Chuckanut 50K race in Fairhaven, WA. The beautiful weather contrasting the early spring trail conditions made for an entertaining Saturday. Top 20 finisher and filmmaker Joedy Dalke showcases the overall experience, while highlighting the Canadian talent. Find out what the Pacific Northwest 50K party was like this year.

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Filmmaker Joedy Dalke chasing Vancouver runner Mitch Howlett. Photo: Becky Bates

The film by Dalke and his brother James shows Canadian marathoner Rob Watson racing to third place in his first ultra in a stacked men’s field. Watson heads up the iconic Cleator road climb chasing American winner Hayden Hawkes. Fourth-place Andrew Russell (BC) is seen on course and the finish line, followed by Dave Stevens (BC) in sixth, Graham Forsyth (BC) in tenth, Jesse Booi (BC) in 11th, Mitch Howlett (BC) in 14th, Riccardo Tortini (BC) in 16th, and Joedy Dalke (Alta.) in 17th. The film concludes as female winner and Vancouver runner Kat Drew jaunts into 18th place.

 jDalkeFilms explains they had “nice footage, but the SD card malfunctioned and we had to use our iPhones instead. The quality of footage decreased dramatically.” Subscribe to jDalkeFilms on YouTube for more inspiring trail and mountain running content. 

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