Berlin Marathon champ has social media identity stolen

Cherono winning the Berlin Marathon.
Cherono winning the Berlin Marathon.

One of the fastest female marathoners in the world has an imposter. Gladys Cherono, who in September won the Berlin Marath in 2:19:25, has fallen victim to identity theft on Facebook. A fake account in her name has been created, seeking funds for a supposed charity.

Cherono, the seventh fastest female marathoner of all-time, told the Daily Nation newspaper in Kenya of the fraud. Early this week, the imposter began soliciting funds through social media for a ficticious children’s home. The Facebook post was looking to raise approximately $125,000. The fake Cherono offered a cell phone number with which to transfer the fund.

Cherono may not be the wisest person to defraud. The 32 year old is a corporal in the Kenyan Defence Forces. Unfortunately, the runner was only able to warn friends and family after some had apparently sent money. “Some of my friends on Facebook managed to send contributions to the number but we have acted on time. The Facebook account had my photos from Berlin but it has already been pulled down,” Cherono told the Daily Nation.

After winning Berlin in stellar time, Cherono is in high demand. She indicated that she will run either Boston or London in the spring, before competing in the Olympics next summer.