Lewis Kent signs deal that could pay him six figures to run and drink beer

Canadian beer miler and world record holder Lewis Kent signed a deal with the National Beer Mile circuit today reportedly worth six figures.

Lewis Kent

Canadian runner Lewis Kent, 22, signed a deal with the National Beer Mile circuit today that could pay him more than $100,000 if the circuit sees significant growth. Kent, a London, Ont. resident and the beer mile world record holder signed a two-year deal with the beer mile series, which will feature 21 stops across the U.S. and is expected to attract 34,000 runners.

Tuesday’s deal is the second such major announcement in the past year for the University of Western student. He signed a historic deal, the first of its kind in the beer mile industry, with Brooks in 2015. He holds the world record of 4:47 and won the Flotrack Beer Mile World Championships in December where he won US$5,000.

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Kent will be paid a base salary, according to agent Kris Mychasiw, and his official role will be the ambassador of the National Beer Mile series.

“They have 21 races in the U.S. and plan to continue building,” says Mychasiw. “They align very nicely with Lewis and his plans to see the sport grow into something much bigger on a larger scale.”

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Mychasiw says the deal has bonuses in place that will add to Kent’s salary. As the circuit grows and increases participation and revenue, Kent’s bonuses will increase. Stops in Canada and Europe are in the works but are not yet part of the official circuit.

According to the National Beer Mile circuit’s website, the event allows “runners, walkers and drinkers to unite for a fun-filled event capped off by an awesome after party featuring live music, games and good people.”

Darren Rovell, a reporter for ESPN, also tweeted out the news to his more than 1.3 million Twitter followers.

Kent’s popularity grew considerably in November when he was interviewed on Ellen. He won a year’s supply of his beer of choice, Amsterdam Blonde, a day before winning the world championships in Austin, Texas.

See the full episode of Kent on Ellen here.