Toronto woman wins 70-74 age group in Berlin

Jean Marmoreo ran 3:45:26 to win a major marathon age group award.

Toronto physician Dr. Jean Marmoreo won the 70-74 age group category at the Berlin Marathon on Sunday. Marmoreo, 70, ran a 3:45:26 in order to lock down her first age group win at a major race in the 70-74 category.

Marmoreo has put together a string of significant age group wins in the last few years, having won the 65-69 category in Boston three times in a row from 2009-2011. The decorated masters runner has also taken age group victories at Ottawa, Chicago and the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.

“Jean Marmoreo is an inspiration to women everywhere — and especially mid-life women. She’s showing us all that it’s never too late to be an athlete,” said iconic marathoner Katherine Switzer in a recent press release. “I’ve watched her running career over the years and can tell you that, unlike most of us, she seems to get faster as she gets older.”

Marmoreo is a founder of the women’s running group JeansMarines. In 2005 Marmoreo was banned from the Marine Corps Marathon for one year after being accused of cheating. Leading her group, they cut over 6K off of the marathon route. The group did come back and run the event after the one-year ban.