Life pro tip: One more reason to pay attention while at a track meet

Decathlon world record holder Ashton Eaton was hit by an errant object at the U.S. indoor track and field championships on Friday.

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At the U.S. indoor track and field championships this weekend, Ashton Eaton was reminded that it’s wise to always pay attention while at a track and field competition, especially when there’s a possibility of flying objects.

Eaton, an American decathlete who holds the world record in the 10-discipline event, was standing next to the pole vault landing area (bottom right in the above video) when an athlete attempting his jump hit the bar.

The bar fell towards Eaton and hit him in the forehead cutting him rather seriously. He would need repairs and fortunately, after getting six stitches to close the cut, he would be okay. Eaton was not competing in the pole vault, an event in which athletes use a long, flexible pole in an attempt to vault over a bar.

The 28-year-old member of the Oregon Track Club, an elite training group based in Portland, competed in the 60m and long jump at the national indoor championships, a rather light workload compared to his regular routine of competing in the decathlon.

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You can see what Eaton’s battle wound looked like the day (Saturday) after the event in the below tweet.

Warning: somewhat graphic.

Despite the incident on Friday, Eaton remained in good spirits even moments after being hit on the head as he couldn’t help but laugh at the unfortunate series of events.

We hope that Eaton, who is married to Canadian heptathlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton, has a quick recovery ahead of the IAAF world indoor championships next weekend in his hometown of Portland.

The Oregon Convention Centre, which hosted the U.S. champs from March 11-12, is the same venue set to host worlds from March 17-20.