VIDEO: Casey Neistat’s gripping “finding out I can never run again” tale

Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat says he's unsure whether he will be ever to run again through this emotional video

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Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat has shot and edited numerous running-related videos (see here and here and here) in the past but his latest is perhaps the most gripping.

“This isn’t a fun movie, this isn’t a happy movie, this isn’t a positive movie,” he says shortly after introducing the audience to his cracking knee. “This is a story I never ever wanted to tell.”

The popular videographer – he has 7.8 million subscribers on YouTube – is an avid runner, a passion he says he’s addicted to. “I focus on the things in life that I can let myself become addicted to and those are family, work and running. I run almost every single day. If I had more time, I would run more.”


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Neistat, who resides in New York City, posted the video entitled “finding out I can never run again” on Thursday. The seven-minute video is ninth-ranked on YouTube’s trending list as of writing with more than two million views.

“I’m injured,” he says. “Something is wrong with my leg and there’s definitely a chance that I will never been able to run [again].” Still, he was able to get in his run on Thursday.

He says he broke his leg in 27 places a decade ago and “had no business” of ever running again. In the face of that, he’s run 24 marathons in addition to a lengthy list of other endurance achievements. He adds that the one thing he cannot live without is running.

who's excited for summer !?!

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The video chronicles his passion for running as well as his current injury, which he is attending to by visiting a radiologist in Manhattan. Expect a part two of the video to find out the results of Neistat’s visit to a specialist.

“Your desire to find out the conclusion of this story is nothing compared to my desire to find out the conclusion of this story,” he says.