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Get your knee back on track

A sharp pain in your knee can bring any runner to a halt – or at least slow us down […]

Are you neglecting your other half?

As runners we tend to focus a great deal of our energy and attention on our legs. While our lower […]

Your feet will thank you

Every day we rely so much on our feet. As runners we will generally ensure we are equipped with the […]

The piriformis: small muscle but large pain in the butt

The piriformis is a small but mighty muscle with the ability to derail your running. Why is this muscle important? […]

The Mindful Runner

Runners push themselves. We test our limits by pushing our bodies and our minds to move out of their comfort […]

Dynamic pre-run warm up

We know that stretching is important but all stretches are not created equal. While the right stretch will improve flexibility, […]

Rest, release and stretch the psoas

Few runners are familiar with the anatomy of their own sport. Often it isn’t until encountering a problem that we’re […]

Running on ice: help for your hips post-run

It’s cold outside, but the sub-zero weather doesn’t keep Canadian runners indoors. Perhaps our ego, and likely our desire to […]