Adidas MiCoach Smart RunIn an increasingly quick dash to grab a slice of the fitness and health tracking market, Adidas has teamed up with MyFitnessPal to create a more holistic approach for users.

Adidas offers their MiCoach training system which tracks activity, workouts and calories burned. It also offers personalized training plans and suggestions to users. MyFitnessPal is a website users can use to track their food intake and calories consumed. It also offers activity monitoring, but is most known as a food tracker. It’s been rated as one of the best free options for tracking calories. The two services, working in tandem, will offer users more valuable information when they compare their results from both services and the two companies will be able to better analyze health information in a rapidly evolving and changing market.

“Enabling consumers to understand their calorie intake as it relates to their training activity brings meaningful new insight to help MiCoach users perform at their best.” said Adidas’ director of digital sports, Simon Drabble. “Giving them information that will motivate them to get active, and stay active,”

The exact details of the partnership remain unclear, but Adidas has said their users will have the option to have data automatically uploaded to the MyFitnessPal service and paired with the data they already store there, allowing for more personalized plans and workouts.

The announcement comes on the heels of an Apple product release of the company’s new smart watch. The watch is expected to play a major role in the direction fitness and healthy tracking devices move, much like many of the tech giant’s previous products have paved the way for previous gadgets, such as tablet computers.

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