If you’re a serious female runner, Shock Absorber is a brand that should definitely be on your radar come gear shopping day. The UK brand is a leader when it comes to sports bras. This is a player that has made a science out of engineering the perfect sports bra by extensively researching the ways women’s bodies (of all shapes) move during exercise. They conduct their research with the help of university research teams and panels of women to try their products.

Their work has resulted in bras that protect runners from hot spots and major points of pressure and reduce bouncing twice as much as the regular bra. Shock Absorber has a number of styles available in Canada. Canadian Running tested a couple of their bra models. Read on for our reviews.

Ultimate Run Bra, $69

Ultimate Run Bra
Photo: Shock Absorber

For runners who need additional support in a sports bra but never know where to find it, this is the perfect choice. While most traditional sports bras have just one clasp in the back, this one has two which distribute weight to both the mid-back and upper shoulders. Shock Absorber has built cushioning into the adjustable shoulder straps which tend to be a high-pressure spot. No painful red marks post run! The fabric is moisture-wicking and light with a seam-free inner, all of which will keep runs feeling airy and dry.

Run Bra back
Photo: Shock Absorber

For runners who wear a larger cup size, finding a sports bra that is functional AND stylish can be a battle. But this one can be your go-to for when you want support and style (The lime-green trim is a sharp look!). A big bonus feature is that this model has a version with snaps on the bra band making it compatible with your heart rate monitoring system.

Sizes available: 32- 38 A-B-C-D-DD-E-F, Heart Rate Monitoring version limited to B-C-D-DD.


Active Shaped Support, $57

Active Shaped
Photo: Shock Absorber

The design of this bra will easily make it a runner’s new favourite. The back band is wide making it a comfy option. Say good-bye to annoying thin straps that cut off circulation. This bra has padded cups that manage to enhance curves while locking breasts into place (runners sure don’t need any push-up effect on a long run…). The mesh front makes it breathable for long summer runs. Back straps are adjustable and durable so you won’t feel slipping even during the most vigorous workouts.

Runners will like the Active Shaped Support bra’s front v-neck and green-trim detailing. This is a classy choice that will give running outfits a nice touch.

Sizes available: 32-36 A, 32- 38 B-D, 32 -34 E, 32F



*Correction, March 25, 2015: This piece originally incorrectly stated the Ultimate Run Bra is available in sizes 32-38, B-C-D-DD. The Ultimate Run Bra is available in a full size range of 32- 38 A-B-C-D-DD-E-F, Heart Rate Monitoring version is limited to B-C-D-DD.

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