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Introducing New Balance’s fastest super shoe yet, the FuelCell SuperComp Elite V3

You push yourself to go the distance, now get the gear that helps you get the job done

Photo by: New Balance Canada

On Friday, Feb. 2, New Balance unveiled the fastest super shoe of 2023—the FuelCell SuperComp Elite V3. This new carbon-plated racer strives for the best in competition and performance, inspiring speed to beat your own records.

Photo: New Balance Canada

The FuelCell SC Elite V3 is designed for that long-distance runner who desires to achieve more with the same effort.

The new Energy Arc technology is made of carbon fibre and encapsulated in FuelCell foam, giving the shoe more reactivity and efficiency while in stride. The Energy Arc operates by compression and expansion of the foam at a faster speed.

The two-layer FuelCell midsole delivers impressive energy return from its innovative Energy Arc technology and the bootie-fit upper construction, delivering a locked-in fit and feel. These performance shoes are made to help you chase your PB for 10K to marathon distances.

“When we kicked off this project, we wanted to set ourselves apart from the competition,” says Peter Breeze, global merchandising manager of performance at New Balance. “The Energy Arc technology is not just a carbon fibre plate: it is a complete system—as the runner strides, the midsole flattens and returns, giving the runner extra propulsion.”

Photo: Canadian Running

Another outstanding novelty of the SC Elite V3 is the one-piece engineered knit upper. This ultra-light one-piece knit is breathable and has the thinnest and most minimalist tongue to date, sewn to the instep for maximum fit. The upper was constructed to reduce as much weight of the shoe as possible, coming in at only 228 grams.

“We designed the FuelCell SC Elite V3 with the mindset of, if it’s not gonna make you faster, it doesn’t belong on the shoe,” says Breeze.

The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite V3 is available online at the newbalance.ca or your local independent running retailer.