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SHOE REVIEW: Mizuno Wave Inspire 18

The Wave Inspire 18's upper is made of eco-friendly materials to decrease the shoe's carbon footprint

Photo by: Mizuno

Mizuno is back with the 18th variation of their classic moderate stability training shoe, the Wave Inspire. Through the years, the Mizuno Wave Inspire has continued to support a higher heel drop and unique wave plate stability system for runners with mild overpronation. Some of the best new features of the 18 are the all-new, full-length ENERZY foam through the midsole, the ec0-friendly upper and the double fan wave plate, which demonstrate that this shoe still has a place as a staple for stability runners.

Category: Stability
Drop: 12 mm
Fit: Narrow, true to size
Weight: 10.6 oz, 300g (men’s 9), 9.1 oz, 258 g (women’s size 8)
Available: Now
MSRP: $180

The midsole and upper

The midsole of the Wave Inspire 18 is a significant step forward from the 17. The full-length ENERZY foam provides a much more cushioned and smoother ride, which, combined with a lighter weight, makes the ride easier on your legs. The combination of new foam in the heel and the updated double fan wave plate gives the Wave Inspire 18 its signature balance of stability, cushion and responsiveness. 

The new lightweight upper is designed to knock off some of the extra weight the 17 carried, achieving a seamless fit with reinforced mesh, while providing additional stability on the medial (arch) side. The upper is made of recycled PET mesh, and the shoelaces are also recycled PET, to decrease the brand’s carbon footprint.

The outsole

Another highlighted feature of the shoe is the enhanced grippy outsole, which works well in all conditions. The X10 outsole design provides added durability in key contact points and enhances traction where it is needed most.

The verdict

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 is a great option for those looking for a slightly narrower, high-drop, moderate stability shoe for daily training. The full ENERZY midsole provides responsive protection against overpronation, to give you a stable ride throughout your run. The weight of the heel makes it still a bit heavy for racing or speed training, and the shoe is better suited for easy runs. The new double fan wave plate technology in the rearfoot and posterior midfoot gives a higher level of medial stability for those who need it. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 18 is a consistent daily training option for those who want a moderately cushioned stability shoe that can handle mileage.