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Limited Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elites for sale with hefty price tag

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite are going for sizeable sums of money through online resale websites

Nike Breaking2
Nike Vaporfly Elite
Photo: Michael Doyle.

There’s a high-demand market for a pair of racing flats going for well above the US$1,500 mark.

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Nike’s Breaking2 shoe, the Nike Zoom VaporFly Elite, is not available for sale publicly and has been released only in limited quantities at special events for a hefty price. (Breaking2 is the term coined for the sub-two-hour marathon attempt which occurred in May 2017.) Searching the Elite on eBay brings up several buyers asking for more than US$1,000 including one at US$2,340.

According to StockX, a “live ‘bid/ask’ marketplace,” the Elite is selling for an average of US$1,125, making it one of the most expensive shoes ever made.

A variation of the Zoom Vaporfly Elite, the Zoom Vaporfly 4%, is available to the public at a price of $330 though the product is often unavailable online because of high demand. The main differences between the Elite and the 4% are a Flyknit upper on the Elite, a sock-like ankle wrap and individual specifications geared to each of the three Breaking2 runners, Eliud Kipchoge, Lelisa Desisa and Zersenay Tadese. Notably, the 4%, which was inspired by the Breaking2 shoe, was found to improve running economy by an average of four per cent (versus the Nike Streak 6) in a lab study.

Nike Breaking2
Photo: Michael Doyle.

Both the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% and Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite have a carbon fibre plate in its midsole, unique to the Breaking2 footwear lineup.

Another variation, the Nike Zoom Fly, is publicly available though it does not include the ZoomX foam – the Zoom Fly instead features Lunarlon foam – and is geared more towards a racer-trainer hybrid than a pure racing flat. The Elite, 4% and Fly all have been manufactured with identical colourways –
ice blue/bright crimson/university red/blue fox – which makes differentiating them a bit tougher.

How much would you pay for the chance to own the limited edition pair of kicks?