Shoe of the week: Mizuno’s signature Wave Rider 19

Mizuno's signature shoe, the Wave Rider 19, is a no-doubter for our shoe of the week offering an ideal neutral ride with cushioning.

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 $165, Men’s: 272 g (9.6 oz.), Women’s: 230 g (8.1 oz.), Drop: 12 mm

Based on heritage, but perfected with new technology, the Wave Rider 19 is Mizuno’s signature shoe and is one of the longest-lasting running shoe models on the market.

One of the striking differences between the Wave Rider 19, first introduced in 1997, and its neutral-shoe counterparts, is the cushioning. The shoe, which debuted on Oct. 5, is firmer than most cushioning shoes which gives it an unmatched responsiveness.

One tester in particular (me) has been running in Wave Riders since the Japanese-based company released the Wave Rider 13 in 2010. Because of its build and stiffer cushioning, the shoe maintains its out-of-the-box feel much longer than most shoes, lasting upwards of 1,000 kilometres (based on personal experience).

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When compared to its predecessor, runners will notice that the Wave Rider 19 has added cushioning and heel-strikers will notice a more forgiving ride, especially on the roads (where Canadians may be isolated to this winter with snowed-in trails).

One unique feature of the shoe is its stretchable shoelaces, which offers a snugger fit when lacing up. When put to the test, the shoes maintained a cozy-fit well past 15 kilometres. A more secure fit results in less foot movement within the shoe. Blisters are not an issue in this case.

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What sets the Wave Rider 19 apart from other shoes? The shoe is a great mix of performance and durability, versatile enough to pound out the kilometres on the roads and trails, while also light enough to act as a long-distance workout shoe. It’s no wonder the shoe has been around since 1997.

At times, major changes from year to year models were met with negative reactions (the Wave Rider 13 to 14 being one such example) But each successor has been based on feedback to make the shoe what it is today.

For runners with a neutral gait looking for a cushioned ride for their everyday runs, existing customers (and newcomers) will surely be satisfied with this year’s now-released model.