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Nine New Balance shoes that will leave you feeling extremely jealous

Trayvon Bromell, an up and coming star in U.S. track, just finished posting 100 shoes in 100 days. We count down nine of our favourites.

Day 98 FreshFoam Zante #TeamNB #WorkDontStop @nbrunning @newbalance

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

American sprinter Trayvon Bromell wasted no time in testing out as many New Balance shoes as he could following his contract signing in October. The 20-year-old just finished posting 100 New Balance shoes over the span of 100 days.

Some of Bromell’s shoes were custom-designed while others are available in more generic colourways.

Not only does Bromell have good taste in shoes, he is also one of the few sprinters that occasionally wears split shorts in competition, which will surely earn him attention among the distance crowd.

The former Baylor University athlete lives and trains in Waco, Texas. He won a bronze medal at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in the 100m finishing in a tie with Canadian Andre De Grasse.

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And since Bromell’s lifetime best in the 100m is 9.84, we figured it was appropriate to count down our nine favourite designs from his ‘100 shoes in 100 days’ series on Instagram.

9. NB Limited Edition Vazee Pace NYC

Anything with a limited edition tag basically makes us jealous.

Day 69 of 100 VAZEE pace NYC edition

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

8. NB Leather Fresh Foam

With New Balance’s Fresh Foam technology, say goodbye to shin splints and sore feet after a late night on the town.

Day 46 of 100 : dope leather fresh foams ??? @newbalance #TeamNB

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

7. NB custom-designed ‘Love Run’ edition

So do we Trayvon, so do we.

Day 16 of 100 | 2 of 5 of my custom kicks. #WCW #LoveToRun ?? @newbalance @nbrunning #NB1

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

6. NB 870v4 featuring REVLite

These are hardcore running shoes designed for runners looking for added stability.

Day 64 of 100 REVLite ⚡️

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

5. NB 580s

We love the red mixed in with unique designs on the tongue, the toe box, and the back heel.

4. New Balance 574

This line of New Balance shoes is fully customizable with many models featuring a suede upper (not in this case).

Day 88 of 100 #574

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

3. NB Minimus

These cross-trainers combine Vibram soles with a New Balance upper giving it a lightweight feel similar to being barefoot.

Day 97 NB Minimus #TeamN? #GrindTime

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

2. NB 996s

The retro look is back in style and no NB shoe embodies that more than the NB 996.

Day 49 of 100 | ?? NB996 ? @newbalance @nbrunning

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

1. 3-D printed midsole

Not only was this the final shoe in Trayvon Bromell’s 100-day streak, it’s the first high-performance running shoe to feature a 3-D printed midsole.

? Day 100 ? NB 3D Printed Midsole #AndThatsAllFolks @nbrunning @newbalance

A photo posted by BulletBromell (@trayvonbromell) on

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Trayvon Bromell’s entire 100 footwear collection can be found on Instagram.