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Vyper Hyperice vibrating foam roller

Hyperice foam roller

Hyperice foam roller


The foam roller is simultaneously the runner’s best friend and arch-nemesis. When it’s working, it feels like a torture device on tight muscles. The foam roller is a cheap tool for everyday maintenance. So, when we saw the price tag of the Vyper, we were curious if it offered that much more bang for the buck.

The Vyper makes a powerful first impression. Literally. The three vibration settings range from “deep tissue massage” to “jack hammer.” But like all other truly successful treatments, once you embrace the discomfort, your muscles will release and your body will thank you.

The pressure of the foam roller in combination with the device’s novel application of vibration, does loosen the muscles (that we felt after just a few minutes of use) and, the inventors claim, increases circulation. The force and frequency of the Vyper is like no other self-treatment product we’ve previously tested.

The Vyper is thankfully equipped with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and can function for many hours at full force without having to worry about a charge.


If you’re serious about your foam rolling and tend to fork out thousands of dollars on body work every year, it might be worth considering shelling out for the Vyper, which we’re willing to crown as the king of self-massage tools.