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132 runners break 15 minutes for 5K in Northern Ireland

The world's fastest road race set another record for the most finishers under 15 minutes for 5K

Armagh 5K Photo by: John Glover/Armagh 5K

Breaking the 15-minute mark for a 5K is a coveted achievement for a small number of elite and sub-elite men. Yet, at a local race in Armagh, Northern Ireland, an astounding 132 runners shattered the barrier, with 17 of them breaking 14 minutes.

Dubbed one of the fastest 5K road races in the world, the Armagh 5K has garnered a reputation for its competitive field. This year’s event was no exception, despite weather conditions posing a formidable challenge, with biting cold and intermittent snowfall blanketing the course.

Winning the race was Finnish Olympian Topi Raitanen, whose blistering pace of two minutes and 45 seconds per kilometre over 5K put him on top of the podium in 13 minutes and 49 seconds. Raitanen, an Olympic finalist in the 3,000m steeplechase, was one of 17 runners to run under 14 minutes. This year set a new record for the race, with two more individuals breaking the 15-minute mark, compared to last year’s record of 130 men.

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What sets the Armagh 5K apart from other road races is its unique course, characterized by flat terrain and minimal elevation gain. Each runner has to navigate five laps around a communal park (The Mall) in the middle of the town. A massive crowd lines the park to cheer on runners in the men’s 5K and women’s 3K races.

Runners from all over the world flock to Armagh, drawn by the allure of a chance to test their limits on one of the world’s fastest courses. This year, the race hosted runners from Sweden, Finland, the U.S.A., Germany and the Netherlands. For men to qualify for the race, they must run a time of 16 minutes or under for 5K. The last-place finisher (209th place) in this year’s men’s field finished in 17:09, which is still a fantastic time for most people.

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You can view the full results from the 2024 Armagh 5K here.

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