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Have you ever seen this at a road race before?

This particular finish line chute area was a hit among Toronto runners taking on the Waterfront 10K on Saturday morning

Toronto Waterfront 10K
Toronto Waterfront 10K
Photo: Tim Huebsch.

Nope, it’s not a scene from the annual Krispy Kreme Challenge.

On Saturday, Toronto runners looking to replenish calories after the Waterfront 10K may have been attracted to the doughnut stop. In the finish line chute, along Lakeshore Boulevard, just past the banana station, the race set up at an area for areas to collect doughnuts post-race.

It’s believed that Over the Moon Bake Shop provided the goods. The amenity appeared to be a big hit among runners as there was a constant crowd gathering, either to take a doughnut, or at least to snap a selfie of the rather unique post-race food. As there were more than 7,000 participants at the sold-out event, that’s a lot of doughnuts.

Natasha Wodak (33:51) and Daniel Wendimu (30:26) won the Waterfront 10K on Saturday. See a full in-depth recap here.