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3-legged running 12-hour world record broken by British pair

Gary Shaughnessy and Andy Tucker covered 77 km with their inside ankles attached with an exercise band

3-legged world record

Two British men have reportedly reclaimed the world record for completing the longest distance while joined together in a three-legged run over 12 hours. The previous record, which the same pair set in 2021, was recently broken by two Australians, but the British pair managed to reclaim their title. 

According to the BBC, Gary Shaughnessy and Andy Tucker covered just over 48 miles (77 km) during their attempt and are awaiting official verification. Shaughnessy, who lives with Parkinson’s disease, wanted to demonstrate that his condition does not hinder him. The 56-year-old has already raised over £100,000 for Parkinson’s UK through various fundraising challenges. In May, he cycled from Liverpool to the Polish-Ukrainian border, and in July, he rode from London to Barcelona. 

Shaughnessy believes that setting big challenges and accomplishing them is a way to confront and overcome the effects of his condition. He says Parkinson’s can make you feel like you’ve lost control. “But when I’m doing exercise, I feel more in charge, and it helps relieve my symptoms. It helps me poke Parkinson’s in the eye,” he told the BBC.

Shaughnessy and Tucker first set the three-legged run record in 2021, covering a distance of 44.3 miles (71.4 km) at some fields in Berkshire. They chose the same location for their recent attempt, where they ran over 48 miles. The Australian men who previously broke their record completed 44.8 miles (72.2 km).

3-legged world record

After completing the challenge, Shaughnessy said he was exhausted, but expressed satisfaction with the new record. He told the BBC he and Tucker had managed to surpass their previous record by 5 km and were “delighted with” their achievement. But if you’re hoping to see the three-legged duo out again, you’ll be disappointed–Shaughnessy and Tucker are officially retiring from world record attempts. “I think that’s it now,” he said, “if someone comes along and beats it, they deserve it.”


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