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Guiness world records at STWM: Yep, that man is running in lederhosen

Gunther running STWM in 2014. Photo: Vincent Dayrit
Gunther running STWM in 2014. Photo: Vincent Dayrit

That man in the photo running in lederhosen would prefer asked us not to reveal his real name. His running persona is Gunther Go. This Sunday, he plans on setting a Guiness world record for running a half-marathon in lederhosen. Gunther is aiming for about a 1:45 finish.

The local runner has been living in Toronto three years. “With the move I started to run a little bit more than I used to,” Gunther said two days before he plans on going after the record for fastest marathon in lederhosen. “I asked myself: “How far and how fast can you go?” That’s how my passion for running started.”

But this isn’t the first time Gunther has slid on the suspenders for a speedy run. “I did the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon last year in Lederhosen, as well as San Francisco in July,” he said. We chatted with Gunther as he prepared for his record attempt.

First off, well, why lederhosen?

“My friends made always fun of me because of Sound of Music. Some people think Austrians are yodelling all day long while hopping through the Alps – it’s really time to make a change and get rid of old stereotypes. Seriously – we have Mozart, Arnold and Felix Baumgartner – none of them yodel, to my knowledge.”

Do you train in lederhosen?

Although some Toronto runners already know me, I got used to people staring, pointing and laughing at me when I do public events in Lederhosen. That’s why in public I go by Gunther Go. This came from what people shouting at me: “Gunther, go!”

Is your lederhosen custom-made for running?

My sponsor got me a pair a soft leather Lederhosen. However, they are from the shelf, nothing special. And please stop calling my outfit a costume. It’s authentic traditional clothes from Europe, usually worn for special occasions.

Are you running for a cause?

I am fundraising for Children’s Wish–an organization which makes wishes real for children fighting for their lives. If you think you are tough running a marathon, have a look at these little brave individuals. Let’s give a smile.

And post-race, will you be enjoying a refreshing pilsner?

After the run I need electrolytes, lots of liquid and sleep. The beer will follow next week.