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Instant gratification run: The road race that involves zero running

The Philly 0.0 has all the makings of a road race including a start/finish line, race numbers and a results page with only one catch: there's zero running.

Instant gratification run

#philly0dot0 ! Cue rocky theme. Ready… Set…

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The event has all the makings of a running event including race shirts, results, prizes, post-race festivities and a start/finish line. The only catch is that participants don’t run at all.

The Philly 0.0-mile road race, an annual event in Philadelphia, is described as an “instant gratification run, with all the fun and none of the commitment.” Simply put, participants show up and celebrate without actually running.

The event website adds that the Philly 0.0 was started “as a way to bring runners and non-runners alike together in the middle of winter to enjoy the best part of any running event – the post-race festivities.”

A portion of the proceeds from the non-competitive event go to charity. The second annual event was held this past Friday.


The event also has race bibs and age-group winners (the winners are picked at random). So really, anyone has the ability to win since it’s determined by luck rather than fitness.

Portions of the the Philly 0.0 go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. There’s a specific reason that the race donates some of its proceeds to those battling MS.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, a runner wanted to bring their mother, who has MS, to the race last year to say they participated in a road race together. Both can say they completed a race together.