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Interactive map: The hometown of every runner on Canada’s Olympic team

With just three weeks remaining until the start of the Summer Games, see where every runner on Canada's Olympic team calls home.

Canada's Olympic team

Zoom to each city and click on or hover over the dots to see details of Canada’s Olympic runners

Canada’s Olympic team was announced last Monday and the Rio Games are just three weeks away. All runners who qualified at last week’s national championships will be representing their nation, as well as their hometowns, at the Olympics. But where does each runner call home?

See the full list of athletes and their events here.

The Greater Toronto Area has the most Olympians for the 2016 edition of the Games while other cities including Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg have multiple representatives. On the above map, the darker the area, the more representatives from that town or city. For a denser area, zoom to the city level and click on or hover over each dot to see information on athletes.

While the map illustrates where Canadians call home, many Olympic runners train in cities more suitable for their events. Andre De Grasse, for example, trains with the ALTIS sprint group in Phoenix because of its world-class facilities and coaching. Melissa Bishop, a native of Eganville, Ont., trains in Windsor, Ont. because that’s where she graduated university. Her coach Dennis Fairall is based in Windsor too.

It’s unclear whether the current team list will be the final roster as there are ongoing appeals. The national governing body for athletics must submit its final team list to the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) by July 17.

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Interestingly, Geneviève Lalonde and Eric Gillis are the only runners from the Maritimes heading to Rio for the Olympics. Both are now based in Guelph, Ont. and train with the Speed River Track Club.

All hometowns used came from the official Athletics Canada release.