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Well that was weird: American women’s 4x100m relay sets fastest time in “re-run,” bumps China out of final

Photo: IAAF
Photo: IAAF

It almost seemed inevitable: after screwing up their baton handoff, the American women’s 4x100m team contested the result, saying their was interference from the Brazilians. They won their appeal and were awarded a “re-run” of their heat, but solo, meaning they were the only ones to cover the 400m of the track.

The heavily favourited squad going in, the Americans ran the fastest qualifying time in their second attempt, 41.77. This means that the Chinese team, who had tied with Canada in 42.70, are out of the final after initially making it on time. The Canadian team’s time was deemed a thousandth of a second faster than China’s, so they retain the eighth and final spot.

Here’s the newly minted start list for the final:

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