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Texas man breaks Guinness World Record for fastest marathon in football equipment

This football fan and XFL employee took his love for the game to the next level

football equpiment record Photo by: Brian Goldsmith/Facebook

Suiting up in any costume and attempting a marathon can’t be comfortable, especially when you’re wearing an additional 20 lbs of football equipment. Brian Goldsmith, a 37-year-old fitness instructor and ticketing representative for the Arlington Renegades of the XFL, ran 3:29:30 at Sunday’s BMW Dallas Marathon in full football equipment to set the Guinness World Record.

According to Dallas Morning News, Goldsmith initially aimed for a Boston Marathon qualifying time when he signed up for the BMW Dallas Marathon. However, a colleague’s suggestion to run the race in an Arlington Renegades shirt sparked an idea—why not fully suit up in gear and go for the Guinness World Record?

Goldsmith mentioned on his Instagram page that he trained his body to get comfortable in football gear by wearing it around the office all day. While this might cause a ruckus in 99.9 per cent of offices, Goldsmith is fortunate to work for a football team. He is also reportedly the first person ever to set a world record while wearing an Arlington Renegades uniform, according to Dallas Morning News.

He beat the previous record of 3:33:42 set in 2019 by Australia’s Alistair Kealty by four minutes. This wasn’t his first attempt at a Guinness World Record. Goldsmith previously tried to run the fastest half-marathon dressed as a piece of fruit, sporting a banana costume, but he fell short of California’s Melvin Nyairo, who clocked 1:15:35 at the 2019 Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

The Arlington Renegades are one of eight teams in the XFL, a minor professional football league for development players in the U.S. The Renegades are owned by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and are the most recent champions in the XFL.

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