WATCH: 66-year-old sprinter who’s probably faster than you

Meet Steve Peters, Britain's greatest masters sprinter

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The 2019 European Masters Champion in the 200m, Steve Peters of Middlesbrough, UK, won his 39th successive sprinting crown since 1994 this weekend, running a 25.56 to take the title.

Peters’ time is extremely impressive, for several reasons. First, he had already run 100m and 400m events earlier in the meet. Second, it’s within striking distance of the current M65 world record held by American Paul Edens at 24.73. Third, it’s just really fast.

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The runner’s time would have earned him a seventh place in the senior women’s 200m at OFSAA track and field, or a qualifying spot in the midget boys start line. There are also many middle-distance runners who have never run a 25-second 200m. Kate Van Buskirk, the former Canadian indoor mile record-holder, can attest to the fact that she’s never hit the 25-second mark. Going sub-20:00 in the 200m makes you world class, and to be only five seconds off the mark in your sixties is no easy feat. The time also would have broken the Canadian M65 record by a full second.

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Peters was also a member of the British 4x400m team, who finished in 4:10.87, just outside of the masters European record. The runner is an elite sports psychiatrist for the British national cycling team.